About Bombaykala Books

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Bombaykala Books is a Mumbai-based book publishing house for the global reader. It publishes poetry, fiction, translations, non-fiction and academic works with a worldwide distribution for print and digital books.

BK Books is an initiative to create a literature around Bombay. While efforts to immortalise the city have been in progress down the ages, its several voices and worldviews — all its mini-cities — need a more focused delivery system. However, BK Books isn’t limited to publishing Mumbai-specific books and wishes to look at the global through the local.

There are more forms of capital than just financial capital for a publisher — human, social, symbolic, and intellectual — as outlined in Merchants of Culture by John B. Thompson. Therefore, Bombaykala Books was created with the spirit of a bibliophile wanting to read books that are not dictated by the commercial pressures of the current publishing landscape. In essence, Bombaykala Books is looking for stories that are authentic, and get at the epistemological roots of who we are.